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EpoxyMaster Latest News & Information

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Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy: Take Your Flooring to the Next Level

05-12-2015 Hits:537 Epoxy Flooring 101  - avatar EpoxyMaster

Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy: Take Your Flooring to the Next Level

Homeowners seeking phenomenal looks and enduring longevity in flooring options can now achieve incredible results using Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy. The ultimate in concrete floor sealers, it's user-friendly, easy to apply, and is now available from EpoxyMaster. Floors sealed with Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy are stunning and durable.  


Garage Floor Paint Does Not Have To Peel

04-11-2015 Hits:1567 Epoxy Flooring 101  - avatar EpoxyMaster

Garage Floor Paint Does Not Have To Peel

  Your garage floor receives a lot of traffic, which makes it extremely susceptible to damage. Concrete floors are especially prone to stains, cracks and other forms of damage because of its porous nature; oil stains from vehicles, cracks caused by a settling foundation, water damage from leaks and the use of...


How to Measure a Garage for Epoxy Floor Paint

02-02-2015 Hits:3418 Epoxy Flooring 101  - avatar EpoxyMaster

How to Measure a Garage for Epoxy Floor Paint

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects should be one of the most rewarding aspects of home ownership. Even relatively simple jobs can add immeasurably to your property’s value, and to your enjoyment of it. Applying a coat or two of epoxy garage floor paint makes a massive, positive difference and the work should take no...


EpoxyMaster DIY Epoxy Floor Paint Products Featured In RPM Magazine

06-03-2014 Hits:2066 EpoxyMaster Latest News  - avatar Toby Brooks

EpoxyMaster DIY Epoxy Floor Paint Products Featured In RPM Magazine

RPM'S continuing do-it-yourself shop series shows how you can put together your own modern workplace, too! By Toby Brooks PART 3: Our floor goes from shame to shine with an EpoxyMaster floor coating   Last month we showed you how we finished up initial construction on our all-new Nucor Building Systems 30x50-foot utility building...


EpoxyMaster DIY Epoxy Floor Paint Kit Featured on Gadgets4Guys Website

04-17-2014 Hits:18686 EpoxyMaster Latest News  - avatar Brian Fugere

EpoxyMaster DIY Epoxy Floor Paint Kit Featured on Gadgets4Guys Website

  EpoxyMaster Epoxy Floor DIY Kits Written By Brian Fujere Gadgets4Guys would like to apologize to all of our readers. We have been neglecting a certain group of gadgets for the past few months and that would be our DIY gadgets. In all honesty, we probably would have never even realized that our...


Customer Testimonials

Piotr Januszewski - Battleship Gray Color5 Stars

Epoxy Purchase!

"Just wanted to drop you guys at EpoxyMaster a message and let you know how satisfied I am with your overall service and product. The quality of service I received was far better than I could have imagined, from placing my order early so I got it on time, to making sure I got it on the day that was discussed. The garage floor turned out great. I will definitely do business with you guys again as a friend of mine and also my mother-in-law now both want the same product in their garages after winter."

Piotr Januszewski - Battleship Gray Color
Frank Desantis - Dark Gray Color5 Stars

Finished Garage!

"Bought the 3 Gallon Epoxy Kit - Dark Gray , High Gloss UV clear coat, and flakes. It is amazing! I have only had it for two months so far, but have had countless compliments! You can just tell it is quality. I have a new build, so preparation was easy but still important. I acid etched it, waited a day, and then the wife and I tackled the epoxy for a 2.5 car garage. I recommend 2 people! She did the trim work and I poured a small stream to make rows throughout the garage and it was a perfect amount! Use a squeegee! It takes a day to dry. We then coated it with the high gloss clear coat. Only regret is not adding the grit to make it less slippery. But it looks like a showroom floor and so easy to clean! I couldn't be happier. Now, would love to stain the back patio with some of their other products!"

Frank Desantis - Dark Gray Color

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