Cena Rich's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Basement Project

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Our project. From a glued wood floor to the finished project you are seeing now. Included a crowbar and hammer to get up the wood flooring, razor blade for scraping up glue, DIAMABRUSH attachment on a floor sander, shop vacuumed all the dust, mopped the floor, patched the cracks, hand sanded those, mopped again, vacuumed three more times and finally ready for the basecoat. Mixed it up, held our breath and poured it all out on the floor. We really didn't know what to expect but we had 35 minutes to do it. Hmm spreading it out wasn't so bad. Next day saw some imperfections so we hand sanded those and vacuumed again. Mixed up the first batch of the Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy, we had two large kits. We weren't as stressed as we could of been because we split the project in half and had more time. It went on very smooth, not as thick as the basecoat. So far so good. The next day we again had some imperfections that we sanded down. The EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top Coat went on super easy and fast. Overall the hardest work was with the prep work. Putting the epoxy down was easy. Trimming was a little challenging in the narrow areas. We tried to do it ahead of time but that really didn't work because it was too hard to mix up a small batch prior to mixing the big kit. Next time we'll just spread and trim at the same time.


Cena Rich

70% Bronze and 30% Caffé mix over a Beige Basecoat with EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top Coat



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