Creating Your Own Man Cave? Don't Forget the Floor!

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Whether you call it a man cave or a "gentleman's cellar," having private space is essential for self-expression and can be beneficial for relationships. Everyone needs a place that serves as a personal retreat, an area designed around the things that bring them happiness and help them unwind and recharge. For men, that space is the man cave. While focusing on elements that bring pleasure such as big screen TVs, workbenches, pool tables, etc., it's easy to forget a highly important element in the space and that is the floor.



Low maintenance flooring


When a man cave exists in a basement, garage, or shed space that has an untreated cement floor, you have several flooring options, but the best and most durable choice is epoxy floor coatings from EpoxyMaster. Untreated cement slabs can crack, stain easily, absorb odors and be challenging to clean. By protecting and improving the floor with an epoxy floor coating, the man cave becomes livable and easy to clean. Any spills wipe up easily as they're not absorbed in the flooring and this prevents tracking motor oil and other liquids into the home. If there's a need for a softer floor covering in certain areas of the man cave, washable area rugs provide warmth, sound insulation and design accents. However, with an epoxy floor coating’s variety of finishes, textures, and colors, tailoring a man cave to your personal design style is easy.








The importance of personal space


Whether your man cave is a space for listening to music, working on motorcycles and/or cars, watching action movies, playing computer games or enjoying sports games, it serves a vital function for your emotional needs as a guy. As an architectural equivalent to hanging out with your guy friends, the man cave helps you regulate your emotions and "just be a guy." Spending time in the room is the ideal way to release stress and balance your emotional well-being so you're the best husband/father/boyfriend you can be. Personal space is extremely important and you need to remember that your mate deserves their own space too.








Multifunction flooring


Epoxy floor coatings are an ideal flooring choice in any man cave location. For a man cave in a garage where working on cars, motorcycles, four-wheelers or bicycles are the main focus, epoxy floor coatings are more than just a functional, slip-proof, easy to clean surface - they're an expression of style. The range of colors for epoxy floor coatings allows you to coordinate the floor with your hot rod or motorcycle or to add a touch of bold depth to your personal workspace. In a basement man cave that features a wet bar, steam saunas, workout equipment or all of the above, epoxy floor coatings provide ideal slip and moisture resistant flooring in a color that can either subtly blend in or add strength to the space. Incorporating epoxy flooring with the EpoxyMaster Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy takes any man cave to the next level and is certain to make your friends envious.









Suitable for any theme


Not all man caves are spaces for working on vehicles, watching TV or playing billiards, sometimes man caves are more refined and serve as gentlemen cellars with a library, comfortable places to sit and a corner to play some acoustic guitar. Epoxy floor coatings enhance all kinds of personal space themes and are a low-maintenance, easily installed alternative to carpeting, tile or hardwood.










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