Designing Your Own She-Shed

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For decades, men have had their caves. Now women are fighting back with their she-sheds, the perfect feminine getaway! All you need is an unused garden or storage shed, or if you don't have one that's unused, you can get a kit and build one just for your purposes.

If you've always dreamed of having a place that's all your own, here are a few tips to help you take that shed and make it the retreat of your dreams.




Every she-shed needs a purpose. Think about what yours is going to be. Do you want your own personal gardening retreat? A "craft shack" where you can keep all your crafting supplies organized and have room to work on your projects? Or perhaps just a cozy little tea house where you can go to read and relax? Decide first what the purpose of your she-shed is going to be and then decorate it accordingly.








Painting the exterior is the first and best way to give your storage shed a she-worthy makeover. Search for pictures online to give you ideas. Pastel colors, Victorian paint schemes and the country cottage look are all popular themes. In addition, you can use picket fences, trellises, and other embellishments to achieve your desired look. Put some time and planning into this step, as this is your chance to make your she-shed look as inviting as possible.









The flooring you choose in your she-shed is important, as it will need to look nice and suit your decor, all while withstanding the wear and tear of regular use. If you are going to use the shed for gardening or crafting, the flooring is especially important. Choose a flooring type that won't be susceptible to moisture and the elements, while also being affordable. For instance, a durable epoxy floor paint such as EpoxyMaster Floor Coatings will create a lasting finish that will protect the shed's flooring and be easy to clean, but that you can also dress up as you like with a couple of throw rugs. Visit to find out more about how this durable flooring can help turn your dream of the perfect she-shed into reality.









Once you've painted the outside, you can start thinking about how you're going to decorate inside. Decorating your she-shed doesn't require a big budget. Thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores are all great sources of inexpensive decor to create your perfect retreat. Also, don't forget to look around your house for unused or seldom used items that could be relocated to your she-shed. There's also not much space, so filling it won't be an expensive endeavor.

Plan to spend some time hunting for the perfect furniture and decor to fill your space: Since you don't have much space to work with, every item, whether it be furniture or decor, will need to be carefully chosen. Look for unique ways you can use items, such as turning a ladder into shelving or hanging painted pegboard on the walls for storing craft supplies.





Project: Haven


Much like the purpose a man-cave serves for men, your she-shed should be a haven, a place you can go to pursue your hobbies or just to relax. Above all, though, it's your haven, which means that everything from paint to decor should suit what you want out of your new retreat. Life has a way of filling your house with stuff for everyone and everything else: husband, kids, work and entertaining. Grab a brush and reclaim a little real estate just for yourself!




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