Gregory Black's EpoxyMaster Project

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We did a great deal of research on products and companies before choosing EpoxyMaster for our garage floor. The primary reason for our decision to go with EpoxyMaster was the positive customer support reviews versus the negatives for the competition. We did test each out with "i need advice" phone calls before purchasing. Let me just say the negative reviews of the competition were very accurate.



Turns out we couldn't be more satisfied with the service, enthusiasm, encouragement, expertise and helpfulness from the EpoxyMaster staff. Super fast delivery was incredibly appreciated, too!



We went with the Dark Gray base with equal amounts of black, charcoal, granite decorative flakes, plus a tiny bit of white. After 14 hours we added a single overcoat of EPOXYARMOR for added protection. My wife and I did the floor prep (DIAMABRUSH machines from Home Depot), and the application in one weekend as advertised. We could not be more pleased with how beautiful it came out. It has been about a month now and so far no issues whatsoever. We did let it sit for a full week by the way before driving on it although the EPOXYARMOR called for 3 days.



Thank you for always answering our calls and questions so quickly and providing the excellent support that you did regardless of the time or day. You're awesome. I really appreciate you not making me feel like an idiot with my questions you've no doubt heard a hundred times.



Short story...We highly recommend EpoxyMaster and their products.



Gregory Black

Dark Gray Color with EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top Coat

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