How to Pick the Right Epoxy Color For Your Garage or Basement

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When you want to go beyond the basic cement floor in your basement or garage, consider the durability, versatility and beauty of epoxy for your basement or garage floor paint. Epoxy floor paint adds a decorative dimension to your cement surface along with protecting it from wear, stains, and damage. Used in a garage, EpoxyMaster's epoxy floor coating prevents the absorption of oil, doesn't suffer corrosion from rock salt and is harder than the concrete floor beneath. In the basement, epoxy paint is just as resilient and with the color options available, coordinates effortlessly with existing or future decor.




Take Pride in Your Garage


You take pride in your vehicles so extend that same pride to where you store them by utilizing the benefits of a garage floor paint. Consider untreated cement garage surfaces as the base and not the final surface of your garage and improve upon them with EpoxyMaster's epoxy floor coating. Untreated cement floors aren't impervious to contaminants such as motor oil and other automotive liquids and they act like a sponge for moisture and outgassing. Without an easy to clean epoxy paint application, you're constantly tracking fluids into the house, damaging floors, carpets and creating a health hazard. When considering aesthetic appearances, having the most beautiful car in the world loses its luster when you park it on a cracked, stained and dingy floor.






Finding the Right Garage Floor Paint Color


Whether you want to match your car or coordinate with the decor of your garage, EpoxyMaster's variety of garage floor paint color options can satisfy your needs. It's important to note that certain darker paint colors are more prone to showing dirt and dust and may require more frequent cleaning. With how easy it is to clean garage floor paint though, this shouldn't deter you from choosing bold colors like Black, Dark Gray or Hunter Green. You can create an even more dynamic look by applying EpoxyMaster's Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy that reflects and amplifies the beauty of your vehicles. Once you have the color down, it's time to improve the rest of the garage and your space will soon be the envy of the neighborhood.






Basement Makeover


EpoxyMaster's colors are great for your basement floor paint as well as for garage floor paint. Basements are prone to moisture so epoxy paint is a sensible alternative to more absorbent materials like carpeting. If you're worried about the floors being too cold, it's easy to place washable area rugs for softness, warmth and sound dampening. Applying epoxy floor paint is a great first step in a basement makeover or an ideal replacement when previous flooring suffers damage from water or other causes. Epoxy will also make the basement floor radon-proof.






Picking The Right Color For Your Basement Floor


Transforming all or some of the basement into a child's play area, entertainment room, spare room, or living area utilizes the space far better than leaving it a cold "dungeon" for storage. There's an art to creating a living space in the basement and color plays into that by adding character, warmth, visual interest and depth. Remember that certain colors look different in various lighting conditions so take into account the type of light available in your basement. Use cool colors like Blues and Greens for a calming effect or warm colors such as Red or Orange for vibrant energy. For a truly unique basement floor look, select a Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy that will wow everyone who sees it while possessing a lifetime of durability.










Discover how EpoxyMaster’s epoxy colors for basement and garage floor paint can improve and protect your cement surfaces by contacting one of our experienced professionals today. 




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