Protecting Your Garage Floor from the Elements

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Your garage floor takes a beating on a daily basis. Fortunately, if you are a DIY enthusiast who loves to take on home projects, an epoxy floor coating can be easily applied in order to protect your garage floor from the elements and normal wear and tear. Concrete floors have a tendency to absorb stains and retain moisture. A stylish coat of epoxy provides a surface that is actually stronger than concrete and will stand up to a variety of demands.



Epoxy Vs. Paint


A lot of people simply paint their concrete floors in order to keep them looking good. However, changing weather conditions can cause paint to easily peel off. All it takes is one spring storm to add enough moisture to weaken the bond between the paint and your floor. Once you add a wet vehicle to the mix, your floor paint job will be completely ruined. Epoxy can be applied just as easily as paint, yet it will form a stronger bond and a more protective coating, creating a long-term solution that will prevent stains. 



Disadvantages of Water-Based Product

Water Based Epoxy Sample

Modern epoxy floor coating products contain 100% solids. This means that they haven't been diluted with water, which offers a few advantages:

1. Water-based coatings, such as paint, will shrink as the weather changes. This can cause unsightly cracks and chips in the surface. Because epoxy floor coatings are made from solids, they form a hard surface that won't be affected by shrinkage.

2. Industrial 100% solids resin also helps the epoxy adhere to your concrete floor more effectively and create a stronger bond that won't chip.

3. As the two-part epoxy dries and bonds together, a coating forms a bond that is stronger than concrete. You can feel confident that your garage floor will be able to withstand all sorts of daily abuse and still look like new.



EM Dry Film Thickness Chart                             EM Dry 20 Year Durability Chart

Environmentally Friendly


Epoxy floor coating materials come with extremely low Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.) ratings, which means that they do not emit any harmful odors. You can safely apply epoxy indoors, even in areas that may not have the best ventilation.


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Quick Cure Formula


Your epoxy floor coating has been designed to cure over a period of 12 to 16 hours. The materials will gradually seep into the concrete and form an impenetrable and impervious barrier that is fully dried and ready to use just one day after application. In just a short time, you can enjoy a lasting solution that will protect your concrete floors for years to come.



Stylish Options


Not only do epoxy floor coating products come in a variety of colors, but you can also choose from among different finishes to create a distinct look. Even your garage floor deserves some attention and a stylish touch. With modern materials, the design options are almost limitless.








Applying the single coat system is easy enough that even a DIY novice can handle covering their garage floor. With a little know-how, you can protect your floor and simply pay for materials without having to worry about the cost of labor. Any weekend warrior can transform their floor in just a matter of hours and provide unbeatable protection.







Sealing your concrete garage floor has never been easier or more affordable. Don't settle for temporary solutions, such as paint and water-based coatings, that will simply peel and deteriorate over time. Invest in a long-lasting solution that can resist stains and handle anything Mother Nature throws at it. Apply the epoxy sealant yourself and save even more!




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