Car Condos: The Latest Trend in Garage Renovations

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If you're a car enthusiast, you've probably heard of a new trend known as car condos. Although they are most famous due to some of the bigger, more elaborate versions that car collectors have built, they are a great project for anyone who loves home improvement. Even if your house is relatively small, you can still create a car condo that each of your friends will envy.



What's Behind the Trend?


Although the idea of creating a car condo might sound new, car enthusiasts have made spaces where they can park their car collection and show it off to others for years. Car condos provide a place where more than one car owner can showcase their collection in a secure environment. Bigger car condos might offer facilities that range from private driving courses to restaurants. 


A Dedicated Space


Car condos share a lot in common with detached garages. However, one of the major differences is that these structures offer more flexibility than traditional garages. You'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your cars are in a safe place. Another helpful feature is the fact that the space where you build the car condo is yours. You don't have to cope with the hassles that come with on-street parking or leaving your car out at night.








How to Make the Space Your Own


One of the things that homeowners enjoy when they create a car condo is having the freedom to use the space just as they want. You could easily add an extra room or two that could be used as a sitting area, office or shop. Another way in which you could personalize the space is by adding a second floor or a loft area. By having an area distinct from the cars, you can easily have one of the most unique places to house a car around.










Flooring Also Makes a Difference


Regardless of whether you want your car condo to be a serious man-cave or to mimic a high-end dealership, your floor needs to withstand spills well and still look great. EpoxyMaster epoxy floor paint is one of the best solutions for a stylish car condo. It is not only easy to apply, but it has a color for virtually every style. Once this epoxy floor paint has been applied and has had a chance to dry, it will have very few maintenance requirements. 










EM 3 Gallon Full Kit

Creating Truly Unique Flooring


One of the nicest things about using EpoxyMaster's epoxy floor paint is the fact that you have so many options that will make your car condo a true work of art. If you're incorporating some type of logo or other special design into the floor, you can easily use more than one of EpoxyMaster's epoxy floor paint colors. The EpoxyMaster Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy floor paint helps provide a sleek, stylish look that looks perfect when you're housing a luxury car collection. Another great use for this type of epoxy floor paint is when you have living or social areas as part of your car condo. Also, consider using their protective top coats and non-slip options that are both decorative and safe.








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