Differentiating Epoxy Coating From Other Floor Coatings: What You Need to Know

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Epoxy coating with resin-based epoxy is the best covering for garage and basement floors to repel water, oil and other harmful substances. The epoxy creates an impervious barrier so water and oil cannot penetrate the epoxy resin coating.

Garage Floors








This is the flooring in your home that suffers the worst abuse. You do not think about how you are treating a garage floor when you park your car or wheel in a boat on a trailer. The boat may still have water draining from it onto the floor.

Cement garage floors can crack, allowing water to permeate. This can eventually erode the concrete substrate and cause problems with the home's support structure. Cracks should be filled and the area completely repainted with an epoxy coating that contains resin.

Stains are difficult to clean off of a water-based epoxy floor. Paint can come off under the pressure of hot tires. Water-based products do not resist chemicals in addition to oil.









Basement floors crack after years of use and the substrate can also erode. This is often the case when the basement has experienced water damage from leaks and flooding.

Basement floors should be painted with an impervious epoxy coating that resists water and other liquids. 




Advantages of resin-based epoxy



EM Dry Film Thickness Chart                             EM Dry 20 Year Durability Chart



A 100% resin-based epoxy coating will adhere to the floor. It is impervious to water, oil and other chemicals. 

Other advantages include:

      • Does not hold dirt and grime

      • Epoxy resin is self-leveling for cracks and repairs

      • Radon cannot come through the epoxy

      • Resistant to salt and abrasive materials

      • Will repel liquids such as juice, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages


There is no product shrinkage due to evaporation with a resin-based epoxy. It is easy to apply without leaving roller marks and it can last up to 20 years with average use.

The impervious resin surface is easy to clean or wash. It seals cracks and it will not allow water into the substrate. It is five times thicker than water-based paint and can be non-slip, although it has a high gloss. The glossy floor actually reflects light for a brighter garage or room surface.

EpoxyMaster's epoxy resin floor paint can be applied to wood and metal floors and other surfaces for the same benefits. The EpoxyMaster epoxy resin floor covering is good for commercial buildings, including garages and storage facilities. It can also be used safely to protect countertops.

EpoxyMaster's resin based products are used in educational facilities and other industries where clean counters and floors are necessary. This includes commercial kitchens and bathrooms.






See the complete line of colors with the EpoxyMaster Epoxy Floor Coating Kit. Metallic Pearl Effect colors are also available to add beauty to any room. This is an easy product to install if you like to do it yourself.








Floor preparation is easy using the EpoxyMaster Floor Preparation and Cleaning Solution. A special floor Crack Patch Kit is also available from EpoxyMaster for damaged and spawled areas.


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Use the complete EpoxyMaster Floor Coating Kit for a perfect floor in less than one hour.



 EM 3 Gallon Full Kit




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