Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy: Take Your Flooring to the Next Level

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Homeowners seeking phenomenal looks and enduring longevity in flooring options can now achieve incredible results using Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy. The ultimate in concrete floor sealers, it's user-friendly, easy to apply, and is now available from EpoxyMaster. Floors sealed with Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy are stunning and durable.


Metallic Pearl Effect

Available in 20 show-stopping colors, Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy contains an added proprietary pearlescent metallic pigment which creates swirling, sparkling, liquid-like patterns that tease the eyes, appearing to move subtly. Some effects imitate the movement of smoke, mimic wood grains, or have ghostly, watery qualities. Colors can be combined to produce custom hues, and the creative possibilities are endless. 






Why You Want Epoxy


Unprotected concrete floors are subject to the damaging effects of moisture, from chemicals, liquids, and water. Water that seeps into the pores of concrete can cause a host of problems, including hazardous molds and mildews. Epoxy seals concrete the best because it fills these pores, creating a solid, impermeable, durable coating, unlike water-based solvents which tend to shrink and leave these flaws unprotected. EpoxyMaster epoxy is chemical and stain resistant, easy to maintain, and seals completely, resulting in a great looking and longer lasting floor.








Applying Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy


Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy is applied the same way as all EpoxyMaster epoxies. The only difference is the addition of the metallic pearl pigment powder, which is packaged separately, so it may be added when ready. However, it is strongly suggested that a basecoat primer be applied first, as it serves multiple purposes. The most important of these may be the fact that a basecoat enhances the depth and dimensionality along with filling in most imperfections. You will then use a roller cover to "back roll" the Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy. As you are back rolling it you can take your roller cover and create “S” shapes in the coating. This roller movement will encourage it to spread out and move around, creating amazing patterns that will fire the imagination.


















Walter Resendes' Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Office Project from EpoxyMaster Films on Vimeo.

Watch one of our customers Walter Resendes as he tackles his dreary office concrete floor with our Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy system from start to finish.




The design possibilities are limitless; Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy can also be applied to wood floors, as well, making it versatile enough for any room in the house. EpoxyMaster provides easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, though the application process is relatively simple--which is basically mix part A with part B. Once mixed, there is roughly 35 minutes of working time per kit. It dries in about 12 to 16 hours. Anyone can use it to add durability and pizzazz to any floor, like garages, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. Use Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy to create decadent floors that will arouse the awe and envy of all who behold your masterpieces.



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