Get Your Man Cave Ready for Football Season

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Football season is already here and, for many, that means being relegated to the basement or garage. It’s time to stop thinking of this as relegation and start thinking of it as a chance to create your own space that you can use for many seasons to come.


Getting your man cave ready doesn’t take long, and it can be as unique and complex as you want. But, before you bring in the TV and the beers, there are a few things you need to take care of:



Clear the clutter


The chances are that the space you are going to use is overrun by everything that everyone else no longer wants but can’t bear to throw away. Seize the opportunity to get rid of things you haven’t seen or needed in years. If there is anything useful in all that clutter, organize a yard sale and put the profits into a few extras for your man cave. You might even be able to upgrade your TV!



Sort out the structure


This step is crucial, and as soon as you have a clear space you will understand why. Take a look around at the space that will be your man cave. Does it have an electricity supply, and if so do you have enough outlets for your TV, beer fridge and anything else you want down there? Unless you are a qualified electrician, this is the one thing you should seriously consider consulting an expert about.


Don't forget to check for ventilation as well, particularly if you are in the basement and are expecting friends to join you for the game. If the space doesn't have windows, make sure air vents are clear and that a door is left open.


Next, move on to the floor. If you’re in the basement, check for water damage and mold. You want to enjoy the football season, not have it make you ill. Rip up any old floor coverings and have a good look underneath. What sort of state is the floor in? Are you going to be tripping and sliding everywhere on an uneven floor every time you jump up to celebrate? Uneven, unsafe and just plain horrible flooring can be dealt with quickly and easily using Epoxy floor coatings. Once your floor is prepared and sealed with your choice of an Epoxy coating, you will never have to worry about it again. The only possible problem is deciding on the color and finish that will go best with your other decor.














Time for the finishing touches


Once all the serious stuff is out of the way, it’s time to deal with the really serious issues—the TV and the seating. If you are watching alone, this is easy; place the TV where you want it and your favorite chair right in front.





If you are planning on inviting your friends over to watch the game, you need to check that everyone can see the action. Mounting the TV on the wall is a great way of making extra space and creating the height you need to give everyone a good view. If this isn’t possible, consider placing the TV diagonally in a corner, allowing those watching to fan out without losing half the screen.


The rest is really up to you, but no game is complete without beer and snacks. Unless you want to be running around at half time, you might want to consider a big table and a beer fridge if you have space. All that is left now is to sit back and enjoy watching your team win!




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