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Casting Resin
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Metallic Pearl Effect Pigment Powder

 * Metallic Pearl Effect Pigment Powder 32 oz container that is used with our High Performance 100% solids Crystal Clear resin-based epoxy coating for our Metallic Pearl Effect System* Creates a smooth glass-like high gloss finish with a unique multi-dimensional shape-shifting appearance* When dispersed into the Crystal Clear resin, the pigment creates the illusion of natural rock formations, waves, swirls and ripples * One 32 oz container is recommended for every 6 gallons of Crystal Clear resin for the most optimum look* PLEASE NOTE: If being used with our CLEAR Countertop Epoxy product, we recommend 4-5 teaspoons for every quart* Available in 20 colors* Custom color combination blends can be created by purchasing multiple color containers   ..

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Countertop Epoxy Casting Resin - 1.5-Gallon Unit

 * A two component high performance Crystal Clear 100% solids epoxy casting resin system designed for all types of art or countertop casting projects* An advanced polymer resin designed for casting natural and man-made objects to create an ultra clear 3-dimensional appearance* Can be utilized for casting large objects, pouring deep molds or lathe turning projects* Mixed at a 2:1 ratio by volume and is safe to pour up to 1” layers in a single pour with zero bubbles or haziness* It is ideal for encasing virtually any object or as a high grade 3-dimensional protective layer for concrete, raw wood, stone, metal, plastic and various other natural or man-made substrates* Zero V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds) or other harmful odors and is safe to use indoors without wearing a respirator* Mixed at a 1:2 ratio by volume* Gives a beautiful, elegant and mar resistant surface that will enhance the look of virtually any substrate for years to come* Available only in 1.5-Gallon Unit size* Available in 12 solid colors and 20 Metallic Pearl Effect colors* Basecoat of solid color Countertop Epoxy Casting Resin is recommended for substrates that require repairs, patch work and to enhance the Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy colors even further* PLEASE NOTE: Our 20 Metallic Pearl Effect colors are only available for the "CLEAR" Countertop Epoxy Casting Resin. To choose more than one color simply check off the colors and leave a note in the comment box of the checkout for the percentage you would like blended.* High Gloss Finish* Tool Kit not included* 2 coats recommended for Beige, White & Yellow colors  ..