Problems with concrete floors today



Uncoated concrete flooring that is not protected with an epoxy coating is prone to the following problems:





  Concrete substrate is like a sponge that will hold moisture such as hydrostatic pressure.

  Cracking, spawling, scaling and dust inhibitor

  Decreases light reflectability

  Hard to clean, mop or scrub

  Holds air such as outgassing, dirt and contaminants

  Holds dirt and is not impervious to contamination such as spills from motor oil, battery acid, antifreeze and transmission fluid.

  Porous substrate





Problems with leading competitors’ water-based epoxy garage floor coating systems


Today's leading competitors' water-based epoxy garage floor systems are plagued with the following:


Water Based Epoxy Sample



  Colors do not match when a second or third kit is applied

  Does not fill cracks and imperfections in concrete

  Hot tire marks cause lifting

  Lacking adhesion qualities in formulation

  Lifespan is in some cases good for only one year

  Not abrasion resistant

  Not chemical resistant

  Not oil resistant

  Not salt resistant

  Not self leveling

  Only 1.5 - 2 mils D.F.T. (Dry Film Thickness)

  Only 380 pounds psi compression strength

  Porosity holds dirt

Shows brush and roller marks when applied

  The square coverage rate is false, requiring the purchase of more material to equal our 10 mils Dry Film Thickness “D.F.T.” You would have to spend 3 times the amount and still not achieve the same results



Advantages of EpoxyMaster resin-based epoxy



Our EpoxyMaster® Epoxy Floor Paint Coating Kit is a high performance 100% solids resin-based epoxy coating that bonds mechanically to a surface to create an impervious barrier that will guard your floor from damage caused by salt, fluids, chemicals and automobile wear and tear. Unlike other epoxy concrete floor paints, EpoxyMaster® is not water or solvent based, which means that when you apply our coating there is no product shrinkage due to evaporation. Using a 100% solids resin-based epoxy coating will ensure long lasting adhesion and wearability. The EpoxyMaster® 100% solids resin-based epoxy coating can be applied effectively to a variety of concrete, wood and metal surfaces. The EpoxyMaster® Epoxy Floor Coating Kit is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer that wants the highest quality epoxy coating at the best price.


The EpoxyMaster Advantage:







  5x thicker than water-based epoxy

  100% solids resin-based epoxy

  Abrasion resistant

  Chemical resistant

  Easy to clean

  High gloss

  Increased light reflectivity up to 300%

  Industrial grade

  Oil resistant

  Resists hot tire marks

  Salt resistant

  Self leveling

  Slip resistant

  Surface restoration and repair





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