Garage Floor Paint Does Not Have To Peel

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Your garage floor receives a lot of traffic, which makes it extremely susceptible to damage. Concrete floors are especially prone to stains, cracks and other forms of damage because of its porous nature; oil stains from vehicles, cracks caused by a settling foundation, water damage from leaks and the use of corrosive materials all contribute to an unattractive (and sometimes dangerous) garage floor.



One common remedy for an unattractive garage floor is to have it resurfaced and painted. Though the process will result in a more attractive garage floor, if you use a water-based epoxy, the results will be only temporary. Hot tires will pull the paint off, water will corrode the surface, further settling will cause the paint to crack.


To get lasting results, EpoxyMaster recommends their resin-based epoxy; durable enough to withstand even the toughest elements and attractive enough to take your breath away. 


Here are a few good reasons to choose EpoxyMaster's epoxy floor coating for your garage floor.



Epoxy is more durable


Designed to withstand excessive weight, heat and corrosive materials, EpoxyMaster's epoxy-based floor paint is far more durable when compared to many "off-the-shelf" floor paints. Boasting a 100% solid-based resin, there is no need to worry about shrinkage or loss of integrity over the years. It's 12-hour curing process helps ensure complete adhesion with a final product that will be both durable and attractive for many years to come.



EM Dry Film Thickness Chart                             EM Dry 20 Year Durability Chart



Epoxy is more attractive


Finding the right surface color for your garage floor is easy at EpoxyMaster. Choose from one of their 20 standard colors or customize your color choice based on your favorite sports team or car color. You can also add Decorative Fleck chips or a metallic pearl coating with a simple one-step application process using a complementary color of your choice. An optional high-gloss or matte-finish protective Top Coat will complete the look of your newly transformed garage floor.





Epoxy is safer for your family


EpoxyMaster's epoxy garage floor paint and coating is slip-resistant, which will make entering and exiting your garage safer for the whole family. And, because their 100% solids-based resin coating is impermeable, oil and water spills can be cleaned up quickly and thoroughly, thus improving your family's safety. Concrete dust will no longer be a problem due to the epoxy creating an impervious barrier over the concrete substrate.


EpoxyMaster Green Label Large Version


Even the application process is safe, because their epoxy contains zero volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s). Even though you'll want to apply your epoxy coating with the door opened, there is no reason to concern yourself with poor indoor air quality as a result of using EpoxyMaster's product.



Epoxy improves energy efficiency



With the high-gloss topcoat, an EpoxyMaster garage floor coating will also increase lighting in your garage and improve visibility. The coating will also reduce temperature absorption, thus reducing cooling costs during the summer months and heating costs during the winter.



Epoxy floor paint is easy to apply



No need to hire a professional to resurface your garage floor. Everything you'll need to create an attractive, durable garage floor is available through their store. From cleaning and repair products to epoxy, acid stains and sealants, EpoxyMaster offers only the best DIY products for your garage floor.

Your garage floor paint never needs to peel again. With a 100% resin-based epoxy floor paint, your garage floor will be both more attractive and more durable for many years to come. 

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