Floor Preparation Questions








Q: How long should I wait to apply the EpoxyMaster Epoxy Floor Coating Kit onto newly poured concrete?


A: We recommend you wait at least 28 days prior to applying our product onto new concrete.



Q: How can I test for moisture in my concrete substrate?


A: To check if you have moisture issues with your concrete, we recommend using a pH test kit to test for excessive moisture. Please visit the Commercial Products section of our online store for specialized products that will help with reducing moisture issues.



Q: What if my concrete is saturated with oil?


A: Our EpoxyMaster OIL STOP is a must use primer for all oil or grease saturated concrete floors prior to applying our epoxies or top coats. EpoxyMaster OIL STOP is a two-component epoxy amine undercoating used in areas where oil and/or grease has become embedded in the concrete substrate to the extent that surface cleaning is insufficient to remove it. If untreated, this oil/grease may migrate back to the surface and cause de-lamination of the coatings, sealers or patching materials.



Q: Why does the floor have to be prepared for the EpoxyMaster epoxy?


A: Floor preparation is crucial to the proper application of EpoxyMaster. The EpoxyMaster epoxy floor coating system will not be able to penetrate and bond to concrete in areas where oil or fluid contamination has occurred. A spawled or worn floor may have loose mortar and/or an insufficient profile to assure proper epoxy bonding. The use of EpoxyMaster's Floor Prep and Cleaning Solution will remove many of the contaminants and also provide a profile to the concrete floor.



Q: Do I really need to go through all this prep work?


A: Yes. Areas that are not properly prepared will have bonding issues which may cause the epoxy to lift or peel. It is vital that your substrate have a rough, clean surface for the EpoxyMaster to adhere to. The prep work is the most important part of the entire application.



Q: What is the EpoxyMaster Floor Prep and Cleaning Solution?


A: The EpoxyMaster Floor Prep and Cleaning Solution is an organic salt compound that is non corrosive and helps in the adhesion process of EpoxyMaster. Use before every application in addition to a roughing up of the floor.



Q: Why should I go the extra step of using a floor machine to prepare my floor instead of simply using the kit's included Floor Prep and Cleaning Solution?


A: Although our Floor Prep and Cleaning Solution will do a great job of cleaning, etching, and degreasing concrete floor substrates, profiling your floor with a carbide diamond grinder or shot blaster will create a machine etch by removing a fine layer of laitance from the concrete substrate and create better adhesion of the epoxy to the substrate by removing any contaminants that may be trapped on the floors surface. You will also not have to wash the floor and wait for it to fully dry. Simply vacuum the floor after it is machine profiled and it will be ready to coat.





Q: What can I do about the cracks and holes on my concrete prior to applying the EpoxyMaster Epoxy Floor Coating Kit?


A: Our product is self leveling and may fill some imperfections, but we always recommend you fill as much as you can prior to applying our product. You will achieve greater results and have a flawless floor. We have a system to repair the damage. Our method will help you in filling and repairing all types of cracks, holes, and depressions. We manufacture our very own Crack Patch Kit which uses our 100% solids epoxy resin base, a catalyst hardener, and a special aggregate to make it the most durable patching system available for concrete, steel or wood. Extra long wearing and resilient, our Crack Patch Kit withstands heavy trucking, absorbs vibration and shock without cracking, and actually becomes stronger with use. For repairing various hairline cracks we recommend using our MASTER FILL.



Q: What if I have expansion joints?


A: If you are looking for a seamless looking floor you will want to fill the expansion joints with our FLEXIBLE JOINT SEALER. This will allow for a seamless appearance without taking away from the reason your joints are there in the first place. For faster drying time requirements we recommend using our FLEXIBLE JOINT FAST SET which is a two-component, fast curing 100% solids polymer dual cartridge system designed to provide a resilient filler for expansion joints in general industry.



Q: Can I put EpoxyMaster epoxy over pre-existing paints or other coatings?


A: EpoxyMaster is not recommended for application over existing coatings because the existing coating will inhibit bonding of the EpoxyMaster epoxy coating to the concrete floor. Floors that have existing coatings should be stripped, etched, diamond grinded or shot blasted to remove as much of the coating as possible. In cases where the coating cannot be removed, a sanding of the floor using an orbital sander can provide a "profile" for the EpoxyMaster epoxy to adhere to.




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