One of our core values as a company is to provide a consistent level of quality assurance for every product that we offer up for sale. As a result of this core value, our products are tested for conformance against lab determined values in order to ensure that the product leaves our facility in perfect working order. At EpoxyMaster, we don’t believe in being average, doing the minimum or clocking out at 5 p.m. We love challenges, giving a little extra and sticking around to make sure our products are top-notch and our customers are 100% satisfied, every time. We say “Bring It On” when companies have a problem they think can’t be solved – always ready to dig in, analyze the situation and design a customized solution. EpoxyMaster is a corporation that gets fired up about putting its experience, expertise and know-how to work for the customer. Are you looking to have work done for you? Please visit our Services page for more details. Below you will find some of the industries we are proud to service.


Airport Hangars



EpoxyMaster goes way beyond the competition by offering products that are easy-to-apply which allow for faster cure times to provide airplane hangars durable, long-lasting epoxy flooring solutions designed to withstand heavy traffic, chemical staining, and hot tire lifting. Our epoxy flooring products maximize protection and reduce downtime. EpoxyMaster’s high performance industrial resin-based epoxy systems provide a stunning high gloss finish that increases light reflectivity up to 300 percent and provides a clean, elegant look in your hangar space.








With EpoxyMaster’s high performance epoxy floor coating systems, you’ll be able to spend less time cleaning your brewery and more time doing what you love: brewing! Our team of chemists have formulated an extensive line of epoxy flooring coating solutions to withstand all kinds of harsh acids and protect against spills. Our high performance industrial grade resin-based epoxies are extremely easy to clean and are available in many solid and Metallic Pearl Effect colors, which can also include non-slip options.






Do-It-Yourself Kits



We are the first to introduce industrial 100% solids epoxy floor coating kits to major international retailers and have successfully provided their valued customers with the highest quality and most complete do-it-yourself 100% solids industrial epoxy floor paint coating kits on the market today. Now you can order your customized kit directly from our factory. When we receive your order, we will make your kit fresh and ship it directly to your front door promptly.








EpoxyMaster is the only choice for serving an array of facilities within an educational institution. This complex industry demands a wide variety of products to serve communities and campuses alike. EpoxyMaster enjoys a diverse product line that can ensure an efficient, safe and affordable solution for any facility need. EpoxyMaster products can be used to coat a variety of surfaces, such as dorm rooms, theatrical stages, laboratories, degrease cafeteria equipment, clean and maintain areas of heavy traffic, combat winter hazards and seal playground/outdoor surfaces and structures.





Facility Management Solutions



EpoxyMaster remains the industry's choice for various facilities management solutions and products – showcasing an extensive product line fit for any managed facility complex. Whether you are managing a warehouse or maintaining your factory floor, we have you covered. EpoxyMaster products include high performance 100% solids industrial resin-based epoxies for stadiums, arenas, office buildings, an array of industrial top coat products for added protection throughout, surface treatment solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, asphalt and concrete products that beautify and protect, industrial countertop epoxies in a large variety of colors for work areas, break rooms and kitchens as well as a full line of industrial janitorial, winter hazard ice melting and general cleaning products to tackle the harshest elements. Our products will assist any facility management team with meeting their goals in order to provide a safe environment for facility patrons. Here at EpoxyMaster we pride ourselves in offering a complete line of easy-to-use and application-specific products that are extremely durable and made with highest quality materials. What sets us apart from our competitors is outstanding customer service and support. We listen to our customers’ needs and offer products that will not only provide a variety of solutions, but also designed to fit any job whether large or small.


Food Services



EpoxyMaster offers an outstanding product line for all of your food services solutions - with products ranging from our high performance industrial 100% solids resin-based epoxy coatings for wood, metal and concrete available in a multitude of colors, our industrial countertop epoxy in a large variety of colors for work areas, break rooms and kitchens, industrial degreasers and draining products which can tackle the toughest stains and environments, to general cleaning solutions which can meet any situation with ease. EpoxyMaster products will help to improve your facility efficiency, reduce the amount of facility downtime and exceed industry sanitation requirements. These products disintegrate organic waste, paper, detergent, grease, hair, fat, proteins and other harmful clogging inhibitors. Our janitorial and commercial cleaning products also offer businesses fast-working solutions for draining issues and the ability to keep facility equipment efficiency flowing upward. In an industry that demands speed, quality and a great amount of precision - EpoxyMaster will be able to provide any kind of food service facility with long lasting, durable and safe product solutions for not only a quality dining experience, but an even greater quality working environment.





We are all aware that manufacturing facilities take a beating; even the smallest crack in a concrete floor can be a costly liability. EpoxyMaster’s long-lasting high performance industrial grade resin-based epoxy flooring systems are designed with manufacturing facilities in mind – making application easier and cure times faster to minimize downtime, improve efficiency and eliminate unsafe work environments. EpoxyMaster protects floor surfaces from the heavy industrial traffic that your plant, shop or warehouse experiences on a daily basis. From heavy forklift traffic, nonstop foot traffic and heavy machines, EpoxyMaster has your facility covered. Our epoxies can also be used for safety lines and safety color coded for all areas of your plant.




Retail & Commercial Applications



EpoxyMaster offers and outstanding product line for all of your retail and commercial solutions. Our high performance industrial grade resin-based epoxy flooring systems are formulated tough to handle any kind of work environment. Our products are very affordable, durable, and easy to clean, which allows our epoxy products to be very ideal for a wide range of retail and commercial application environments. Our epoxy is very easy to apply and requires minimal cure times for less downtime – allowing you to return to business-as-usual at a much faster rate. There are also zero V.O.C.s in our epoxies, which allows for safe installation in areas adjacent to working environments.





Pet Resorts/Clinics



EpoxyMaster understands how valuable an easy-to-clean flooring system is for the pet industry. We set the industry standard for durable, long-lasting epoxy products proven to protect against urine stains and scratches. Our epoxy flooring products are also very affordable, easy to apply and offer faster cure times to reduce the downtime of your facility.





























The EpoxyMaster Advantage:



  Asphalt & concrete products aimed at maintaining outdoor surfaces

  Durable & thick industrial resins which result in no product loss from evaporation

  Easy to clean and maintain 

  Janitorial cleaning products ideal for industrial kitchens, bathrooms & cafeterias

  Long lasting coats - no seasonal reapplication

  No V.O.C.s – environmentally safe for the environment

  Resistant to heavy industrial traffic

  Safety colors available for all applications

  Surface products can be applied in sections

  Ultra-fast curing time resulting in minimal facility downtime

  Winter products that leave no salty residue







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