Maintenance Questions







Q: Will EpoxyMaster scratch?


A: Yes, EpoxyMaster can be scratched if heavy objects are dragged across its surface, however, under normal conditions EpoxyMaster should not scratch.



Q: What will hot tires to to EpoxyMaster?


A: Tires heated from normal driving will not affect the EpoxyMaster high gloss finish.



Q: What is the shelf life of the EpoxyMaster Epoxy Floor Coating Kit?


A: The shelf life of the product is well over a year as long as it is kept sealed and stored away from freezing temperatures.



Q: What is the best way to properly maintain my epoxy floor?


A: We have put together a proper maintenance guide in order for our customers to keep their floors looking great. It can be downloaded here.



Q: What if my epoxy flooring gets chipped or damaged?


A: If your epoxy flooring gets chipped or damaged, simply remove any loose pieces and sand the area with 100 grit sandpaper. Once the area has been thoroughly sanded and cleaned, tape off the area and re-apply the epoxy. After recoating the area, immediately remove the tape and allow 16-24 hours to fully dry. Touch Up Epoxy Units are available in both solid and Metallic Pearl Effect colors on the website.




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