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CRACK GONE - Asphalt Emulsion Crack Filler

 * An asphalt based emulsion specifically blended with an inorganic filler used in filling small cracks in asphalt pavements before sealing* Produces a tough, flexible membrane which reduces water intrusion* Can be used to seal cracks and joints on concrete surfaces, asphalt surfaces, and to seal cracks where structures meet sidewalks and/or driveways* Plasticized to adjust to surface movement as the temperature changes* Does not become soft in summer..


REPAIR - All Weather Patching Material

 * An all weather patching compound that can be applied directly from the container* Ready to use - no mixing or heating required* Can be used in all weather conditions, indoors or outdoors* Will not stick to shovel, tamper or vehicle wheels* Repairs instantly and permanently* Withstands heaviest loads* Ready for traffic immediately* Skid resistant and waterproof special* Prevents accidents* No special equi..


ROAD MARK - Street Marking Paint

 * Can be used indoors or outdoors, wherever long lasting reflective pavement floor markings or lines are needed* Long wearing* Flat finish* No "pick-up" from vehicles when applied under favorable conditions* Repairs instantly and permanently* Water based* Quick drying time - rapidly restoring areas to traffic and limiting business shutdown time* Available in Red, White, Black, Yellow & Blue* Each gallon can cov..


TOP COAT Driveway Filler And Sealer

 * A heavy duty aggregate reinforced emulsion sealer used to seal asphaltic pavement including residential driveways and industrial parking lots* Aids in filling in cracks* Helps provide an anti-skid surface on steep grades, helps eliminate slippery conditions* Will not crack during seasonal temperature changes* Retains an exceptionally uniform appearance while resisting damage from chemical de-icing salts, gasoline and oil* Easy to use with ..


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