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EM OIL STOP - Oil Saturated Concrete Floor Primer

 * EpoxyMaster OIL STOP is a must use primer for all oil or grease saturated concrete floors prior to applying our epoxies or top coats* A two-component epoxy amine undercoating used in areas where oil and/or grease have become embedded in the concrete substrate to the extent that surface cleaning is insufficient to remove it* If untreated, this oil/grease may migrate back to the surface and cause de-lamination of the coatings, sealers or patching materials ..


Reactive Acid Stain

 * The artistic way of giving a translucent, variegated appearance to bare, horizontal new or existing concrete* Chemically reacts with concrete and accentuates any imperfections in the concrete such as small cracks or contaminants, much like the opposite of painting or sealing the concrete with a solid color stain, meaning that no two projects will ever be the same* Unique in that the 12 colors offered are extremely vibrant, and they are easy to mix and match for..


Semi-Transparent Decorative Stain

 * A great revolutionary alternative and economically friendly way of creating the look of acid stain without all the time and labor* Penetrates into the concrete for the faux, layered look that so many people desire in the market today* Very do-it-yourself friendly, yet has a professional looking finish with 16 vibrant colors to apply individually, mix and match, or dilute with water if necessary for a unique look all your own* Since no ch..


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